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personalized wristbandsChina strengthens migratory bird protection in spring personalizedwristbands

personalized wristbandsChina strengthens migratory bird protection in spring

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    Migrant birds are seen at Duchang wetland of Poyang Lake, East China"s Jiangxi province.[Photo/Xinhua]

    BEIJING -- China will strengthen the protection of migratory birds in spring, the country"s forestry authority has said at a conference.

    The country is home to 1,445 species of birds, among which more than 750 types migrate.

    "Forestry departments at all levels should enhance patrols in major habitats, wintering and breeding areas of migratory birds, as well as their migration routes and stops during migration," said Li Chunliang, deputy director of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.

    No administrative approval should be given to applications for migratory-bird killing except for special purposes, including disease control and aviation safety protection, the administration said.

    In addition to government efforts, non-governmental organizations and volunteers were also encouraged to participate in protecting wild animals.

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