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Fireman risksilicone wristbands for eventss life to put out a burning gas tank siliconewristbandsforevents

Fireman risksilicone wristbands for eventss life to put out a burning gas tank

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    A fireman was hailed as a hero for risking his life by carrying a burning gas tank out to an open space.

    A video shot on Feb 24 at a village in Wafangdian in Dalian of East China"s Shandong, show a firefighter carrying a burning gas tank cylinder out of a house and extinguishing the fire in minutes.

    According to Dalian Evening News, a grocery store caught fire in a residential area at 2:29 pm on Feb 24 and a team of firefighters reached the site at 2:46 pm.

    Liu Zhou, the team leader, found a burning gas tank in the house and immediately decided to move it to an open space in case the gas tank blew up. Liu and his colleagues extinguished the fire in minutes.

    At 3:35 pm, the fire was put out and no casualties or injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

    Huang Chen in Beijing contributed to the article.

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